CV Dida

Lettersoup collaborated with Viktor Nübel as Working With Type to create a suite of type families for Cornelsen Verlag, one of Germany’s two most prominent publishing houses for educational literature. In 2019, Viktor Nübel was invited by Cornelsen Verlag to propose a pitch for a new custom typeface. Cornelsen Verlag is one of the leading […]

Sofia Sans

The story of Sofia Sans started with a phone call from Filip Boyadjiev, a colleague of ours and Ani Petrova’s former fellow student at the National Academy of Art Sofia. At the tail end of 2017, Boyadjiev informed us that his studio Fullmasters had been hired to develop a wayfinding system for helping visitors navigate […]

Spaces and separators

This is a quick guide for typedesigners how to add some typographic useful separators and spaces to their typefaces. The following list contains by far not all separators in the unicode charts, but in my opinion it should be a good start for an advanced typographic usage. SPACE uni0020 SPACE uni0020 is the most used […]

What shall be done for Bulgarian Cyrillic .loclBGR

In this article I would like to describe the differences between the Bulgarian and Russian Cyrillic. Then I will list the characters you have to include in your fonts if you like to make Bulgarian Cyrillic and the different ways you can make it work with the Open Type features. Lets start with which Letters are […]

Glyphs App workshop in Sofia.

A nice video of our two days Glyphs App workshop in Sofia. Big thanks to: Boril Karaivanov for the perfekt organisation, Ani Petrova who was a big help all the time and Buria Pandova for making this wonderful video! Thanks to all the people who took part in this workshop! You were amazing!