Try before buying?

Each fontpage has a fontsampler where you can edit the sample text and text align, font size, line height, chose different font style, or turn on Open Type features that are covered by the font. Special thanks to Johannes Neumeier for making this powerful tool available! Unfortunately CSS allows just integer font-weights between 100 and 900. That’s why for some font-families we are not able to represent all the styles with the fontsempler. If you need the fonts for bigger project reviews, please send us a mail we can offer you a demo version.

Language support of our fonts?

Our language support feature is based on the CLDR (Common Locale Data Repository). Other language support features, wich are using other databases might represent different results.

Glyph Map

In section Glyph Map you can see all the characters included in the font with their names and Unicode (if they have one).

Can I use the font for a Logo?

Our Licenses allows you to use the fonts for logos: “You may use the Product to create documents, scalable drawings and fixed-size images on any surface (collectively: “the Images”)…” For further information please look at our licenses.

Webfont previews.

We do not have the time to count your pageviews, we are to busy to create new fonts. So we don’t have any webpageview limitations! Our webfont licenses are limited just per domains and subdomains.


What payment options do we offer?

• Lettersoup accepts American Express, MasterCard and Visa credit cards. We are using Stripe as payment service, one best software platform for online payment processing.

• You also have the option of using PayPal to checkout.

• You can also make a direct wire bank transfer. The font download will be activated as soon as the amount has been transferred (Usually 2 to 4 business days. It depends on the bank payments regulation). If we do not receive any payment after 7 days, we will send you a payment reminder by email. After another 6 days you will receive a purchase cancellation confirmation by email.

Taxes and VAT

Our prices are listet in Euro €. VAT taxes are exclusively. For companies in the EU with a valid VAT ID (please select your country and your valid VAT ID) VAT taxes will not be charged. For companies outside the EU VAT taxes will not be charged on your order. We use the billing address of your payment method to determine the sales tax rate, if any. If we don’t have your billing address, we use your physical location at the time of purchase based on your IP address

Why do I have to go through the purchase process if I'm only downloading Free fonts?

In order to obtain the font file, you will need to agree to our Licenses. Once you agree to the terms of the EULA, the font file will be available for download. User accounts with no valid billing address will be deleted.

Can I get educational discount?

Lettersoup offers a 30% discount for students or educators for all purchases (exept Sudio – and Enterprice Upgrades). You need to send us an email – please  send us your student ID or other document along that proves you are educator. We will send you a discount code, which you can use to checkout.

Can I enter a second billing address.

You can enter a second address in the field Additional information (order notes). For example when you want to buy our fonts for your customers, or other companies.