For the love of type

 «Type is one of the most eloquent means of expression in every epoch of style. Next to architecture, it gives the most characteristic portrait of a period and the most severe testimony of a nation's intellectual status.»
Peter Behrens


We make typefaces!


  • Custom Typefaces

    For customers who want something different – something unique that is theirs and theirs alone, we will create a font drawn with the highest precision that is an invaluable company asset.

  • Different writing systems

    In addition to an extensive coverage of Latin-based languages, we provide essential support for the Cyrillic, Greek and Arabic writing systems.

  • Functionality

    Our fonts are characterized by excellent legibility in both – print & screen. They have a wide range of formats for printers, consumer electronics devices and other products.

  • Design

    Letters have a life and dignity of their own. Well chosen words deserve well chosen letters. We will help you to find your own typeface and to set your words with affection, knowledge and skill.

I love to kern U&I!

Meet The Team

  • Botio Nikoltchev

    CEO & Founder

    Born in Sofia 1978, Botio Nikoltchev lives in Berlin, where he works as type designer. He specializes in multilingual typography and font technology.

  • Adam Twardoch

    Marketing & Technical support

    Born 1975 in Poland, Adam Twardoch lives in Berlin. He specializes in multilingual typography and font technology.

  • Andreas Eigendorf

    Font engineering

    Born in Berlin in 1961, Andreas Eigendorf is working as a freelance consultant and service provider for type foundries and type designer.


lettersoup is an independent type foundry based in Berlin, Germany. It was founded by Botio Nikoltchev in 2014. The main focus of lettersoup is cooking fonts with Latin, Cyrillic, Greek and Arabic taste.